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Hype Week 2015

Posted by Erni Walker Jan 20, 2015

You Are Now Experiencing Hype Week

Started in 2006 by the Atlanta chapter, this is the week preceding Meat Week, wherein we all get SUPER. STOKED. Excited meaters create a slew of images to spread about the internet, warning that meat cometh.

Step 1: get inspired by checking out some of our favorite hype from years past:

Step 2: use your 'shoppin skillz, video skillz, or MS paint skillz to make meat art.

Step 3: add your masterpiece to our gallery! (You must be logged in to see the "add hype" button.) 

Step 4: sit back and appreciate your own genius before lording it over others via Facebook.

Are you picking up the subtle theme here?

Watch Meat Week on Epic Meal Empire

Posted by Erni Walker Dec 15, 2014

If you missed us on TV, check out the full episode online!

We danced, we laughed, we made magic together. Thanks to Epic Meal Time and the gang for a fun experience.

Meat Week on Epic Meal Empire

Posted by Erni Walker Dec 4, 2014

You know that box you use to hook up your PS4? Well sometimes people make television shows for that box, and some of those people happen to be YouTube celebrities Epic Meal Time.

That's right, the Epic Meal bros have their own big boy show on FYI network, and we got to do a full episode devoted to Meat Week. The show is called Epic Meal Empire, and it airs Friday, Dec. 12th at 7pm PST. Check your local cable listings to find the FYI channel (always wanted to say that).

If you miss the original air date, you can watch it on the FYI website for a limited time. Tune in to see the insanity unfold as the guys throw a Meat Prom just for us. Sorry in advance for the amount of time you'll spend looking at our faces, hopefully yours will be stuffed with pork.


What: Meat Week on Epic Meal Empire

When: Friday, December 12, 7pm/11pm PST, 10pm EST

Where: FYI network (formerly Bio)