Meat Week

2015 Schedule


Smokin' T's Bar B Que

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The BBQ Pit

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Real Urban Barbecue

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Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue

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Russell's Barbecue

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JD's Q & Brew

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Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli

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Johnnie's Beef

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Captain’s Log

Day 8 Cancelled Feb 1, 2015

Meat week ended a day early due to a Blizzard here in Chicago.  Been snowing for over 24 hrs.  At last count we have 16 inches of snow with winds up to 30mph.  What a great week it was.  Thanks to all who came out.

Day 7 Manny's Jan 31, 2015

The sandwiches today were piled skyhigh with the best corned beef, pastrami, beef brisket, and chopped liver in all the land. We had a real group of lumineers joining us today.  Thanks to everyone for coming out. 

Day 6 JD's Q and Brew Jan 31, 2015

Beef ribs, pulled pork, baby backs, burgers, and burnt ends, there was a lot of meat eaten.  Thank you to the large crowd that joined us.  Hope everyone enjoyed the cow and pig trivia for prizes of unspeakable value.  Special thanks for the warm hospitality.  

Day 5 Russell's BBQ Johnnies Beef Gene and Jude's Jan 29, 2015

Tonight my parther in crime and I pulled off the Meat Week Trifecta.  Not only did we have smoked brisket and pulled pork for dinner, but we made two extra stops.  We visited Johnnies Beef for a beef and sausage combo and Gene and Jude's for a Vienna Beef Depression Era  hot dog. There was even a chocolate shake thrown in for good measure. What a night!!!!!

Day 4 Sweet Baby Ray's Jan 28, 2015

All you can eat St. Louis ribs....all I can say is WoW.  What a night and what wonderful hospitality. Our meat trivia winner from day 2 joined us tonight as he continues to be the keeper of the flame.  The week keeps getting better.

Day 3 Real Urban BBQ Jan 27, 2015

Thank you to my good friends who came out  tonight to Meat Greet and Eat. This truly is the greatest week of the year. The meat odessy continues.

Day 2 BBQ Pit Jan 26, 2015

What a fun night at the BBQ Pit .  Special thanks to our friends from that came out to celebrate Meat Week.  Porterhouse, Baconstrip, and King guys are the best.  Shout out to our friend Les for his knowledge in meat trivia.  Enjoy your pig splat ball   

Day 1 Smoking T's Jan 25, 2015

Thanks to those who braved the snow to kick off Meat Week.