Meat Week

2015 Schedule


Urban Bar-B-Que Company

6:30 pm Details

Hill Country Barbecue Market DC

6:30 pm Details

Pork Barrel BBQ

7:00 pm Details

Fat Pete's BBQ

7:00 pm Details

Sweet Fire Donna's

7:00 pm Details

Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling Company

7:00 pm Details

11AM - Acre 121 for Brunch. 6PM - BBQ Bus at Denizens Brewing Co. for Dinner

12:00 am Details


12:00 pm Details

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Captain’s Log

Welcome to Meat Week! Jan 23, 2015

D.C. is lucky to have a huge number of places to eat, and some of those places offer some delectable BBQ.  We could never choose which places have the best, but we'd like to think that all of these options are great places to sit down and have a great meal.

Meat Week is simple - take a look at the places above, find whichever ones interest you, and show up and order whatever strikes your fancy.  There's no need to register (though you can on this site to let friends know you'll be coming).  Once there, look for the big Meat Week banner and our on-site captain if you'd like to strike up some conversation with people who also enjoy BBQ, or just enjoy whatever you've ordered.  If you're a fan of social media, feel free to take a picture of your food or your friends (or both!), and share it.  This is pretty easy to do - BBQ is very photogenic, so pretty much every side is its good side!

Be sure to check out each of the links above for more information on each location and any specials or special events that may be occurring that night.

D.C. has the most events of any city this year, so I think you'll be able to find at least one place you'll enjoy.  I hope you have a great time.