Meat Week

8 BBQ Joints, 2 Days  •  JUNE 7-8, 2014

Hambone's Bar & Grill
takes the prize!

The Meat Weekend adventurers had the tough job of tasting and ranking every stop on the BBQ tour.
Hambone's Bar & Grill in Bellflower emerged as the clear victor.
Thanks for doing it big Hambones!



June 7th

San Fernando Valley

Mom's Bar-B-Q House

The Pit Brothers Smoked BBQ

The Bar-B-Que Bar

Smoke City Market


June 8th

South LA

Hambone's Bar & Grill

Original Texas BBQ King

Bludso's BBQ

Spring Street Smokehouse


Anyone who's gone in search of BBQ in Los Angeles knows you must travel far and wide, to the far-flung corners of this sprawling metropolis, to find the really good stuff. So, why not let us do the driving while you stuff your face? We've spent 8 years scouring this city for BBQ, so we've found all the best joints. We'll pick you up at a metro station, fill you with the finest meats LA has to offer, then drop you off at the same station, ready for the greatest night of sleep you've ever experienced.

Each of the 8 restaurants on our tour will feature a sampling of at least 2 meats and 1 side (and a few extras here and there). Throughout each day, you'll get a combination of pulled pork, beef brisket, pork ribs, links, tri-tip, and a slew of different sides.

We've tried every. single. thing. on the menus and narrowed it down to the absolute best each spot has to offer, so you won't be wasting any precious stomach room. Each stop lasts 45 minutes to an hour, so between that and the bus ride to the next stop, you'll have some time to digest.

And yes, there WILL be alcohol available! Each day's final destination features a bar, and our convenient metro drop-off ensures that you can drink without a care in the world...if you have any room left after all that meat.