Meat Week

What the heck is this?

For the 10th Anniversary of Meat Week, we hit the road, stopping at 8 different cities during the 8 nights.

We took our cameraman friend along and captured the journey, in a van, across 15 states, through ice, snow, sleep depravation, and meat sweats.

A big part of our journey was finally meeting the people who celebrate Meat Week in other cities, and seeing how they put their own stamp on the holiday. We've been sharing meat with them via internet for years, so it was amazing to finally eat BBQ together in person.

We're working on a documentary about this journey and the 10 years of Meat Week leading up to it, specifically how a small group of friends gathering over BBQ turned into a nation-wide community.

If this seems like something you'd like to see, or if you think this is a terrible idea, click one of the buttons above to let us know!

Meat Weekis a national holiday started in 2005. Each January, for 8 consecutive nights, people across the country gather over piles of BBQ. In every participating city, there is a devoted Captain who creates the schedule of restaurants. Each city develops their own traditions, but Meat Week typically focuses on good ol' American BBQ: Pork, ribs, brisket, barbecued chicken, and anything else you can smoke and smother in sauce.

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