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Posted by Erni Walker Jan 10, 2014 - Tour

2014 will be the 10th Annual Meat Week celebration, and we've come along way since our humble college-town beginnings. To take things even further, Chris and I have decided to celebrate by embarking on the 10th Anniversary Meat Week Cross Country Tour

That's right: 8 nights, 8 cities, and 3000 miles of BBQ.

Every year we gaze longingly at old friends and strangers alike sharing BBQ as their photos populate our website. Each city seems to put their own spin on Meat Week, and now we will finally get to experience their unique celebrations. The cities on the tour were chosen for their thriving Meat Week chapters and long-running devotion to the holiday, as well as their drive-ability on a tight schedule. (We're not superheroes. Surprise!) Below you can check out the full 8-day agenda.

In addition to the Cross-Country Tour, we are excited to announce our 2014 partnership with Destination America, a television network that celebrates the people, places, and stories of the United States. Together, Meat Week and Destination America will be offering a prize pack with some brand new merch! We'll post more info when they're available.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, where we'll be updating live from the road once our journey kicks off! Here are the official dates for the tour:

1/26 - San Antonio, TX
1/27 - Baton Rouge, LA
1/28 - Tallahassee, FL
1/29 - Atlanta, GA
1/30 - Marion, NC
1/31 - Washington, DC
2/01 - Baltimore, MD
2/02 - New York, NY

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