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Best of the Road Awards

Posted by Erni Walker Feb 14, 2014 - Tour

Lo, an entire week has passed since our return to Los Angeles, and we, the Admirals, have maintained some much-needed silence. We've been busy eating salads, meditating, exercising with our personal trainer...You know, LA stuff. But we're finally rested up! And despite the ravenous hunger that comes a-calling every hour, we're just about back to full health.

To everyone we met on the road: We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, generosity, enthusiasm, and most of all BBQ. It seemed anti-climactic to come back and just sit here, so we'd like to show our gratitude in the only way we know how: A crappy video!

We put together a little ceremony we're calling The Best of the Road Awards. Please watch, enjoy, and know that although our backgrounds are fake, our gratitude is very, very real. THANKS, AMERICA! THANKS MEAT WEEK! Meat be with you...

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