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2015 Franklin BBQ Game Ball - MVP Bill Berry

Posted by Justin Tabas Feb 3, 2015

With a 7 of 8 BBQ Attendance, 56.4 Bites Per Night Avg., 392 Total Bites, 242 Wet Naps Used, 213 Fingers Licked, Bite Force of 1236 PSI, and a Total BBQR of 87.5...The OFFICIAL 2015 Cincy Meat Week Franklin BBQ Game Ball...goes to...MVP Bill Berry! Congratulations...thanks to everyone that came out and celebrated the great BBQ in Cincinnati! Pontiac bourbon & bbq Huit Walt's BBQ Walt's Barbeque Southern Smoke Barbque Olde Fort Pub - Fort Thomas, KY Butt Shack BBQ Grill Alabama Que Velvet Smoke BBQ Eli's BBQ

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