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Posted by Erni Walker Jan 29, 2016

A stirring persists in the atmosphere. Perhaps something has awakened, perhaps your hunger is just behind you. If you are not faint of heart, turn and face your hunger. Stare it down and know that its days are numbered. Soon your hunger will be barraged by the succulent goodness of all that is BBQ, and it will know that you are the warrior. You are the alpha and omeata, you are not to be trifled with. Your numbers are strong. We walk together into this battleground, ready to consume any rib, brisket, or sizable pork sammy that may approach us. We join together to consume that which is prepared for us. We will not go down easy, and we will not surrender to the onslaught of meat naps. For little does the meat know that we have already won. All the BBQ we will eat and all the BBQ we have eaten converge in a dimension unknown to common man.

For we are the meaters. The Meaters of Worlds. Join the family...(LIGHTS GO OUT, THUNDER RUMBLES.)

...Anyway, check out your city's scheduleTweet yr meats'GramFacebook us! We wanna see your sauce-slingin' faces! WELCOME TO MEAT WEEK 2016!

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