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Inaugural GR Meat Week

Posted by Bridgette Pacholka Jan 8, 2016

A Grand Rapids Meat Week has been a dream of mine for a couple years now. I've been solo meating here and there over the years, longing for a proper Meat Week chapter to sprout up. I've finally gotten off my rump (roast) and decided to take on the captain's duties myself. And with the addition of several new BBQ restaurants around GR recently, this is the perfect time to eat, meat, repeat.

I am currently working on finalizing the schedule so if any meat fans have some last minute input please feel free to contact me. And a heads up that I work second shift, so during the week we'll be meating during lunch hours (plus 2 Scotts and Pit Stop have early hours that force our hand on them being lunch stops). Weekends will be dinner hours.

Meat be with you,


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