Meat Week

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Posted by Erni Walker Jan 25, 2017

hey Los Angeles!

we're super hungry and ready to meat with ya'll. only one problem: we have no idea how many people to expect! many of these restaurants are small and need to know how to prepare for the onslaught. we've made it super-easy to RSVP, so just click the little "attending" button on any restaurant you think you'll be showing up to.

it's not a legally-binding contract and we won't hold it against you if you don't make it, but if you *think* you'll come, clicking that li'l button can prevent situations where you have nowhere to sit or the restaurant runs out of food.

thanks guys, we really appreciate it. in times of wavering meat-thusiasm, it's hard to know how many to expect so we need you now MORE THAN EVER. together we can make America eat again.

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